Harmful substances and desirett enter our body in large quantities every day. How can the intoxication of the body be reduced?

Now it may seem quite rightly that the threat to human life is as low as possible when compared with the whole history. Well, judge for yourself: we have defeated the majority of previously incurable diseases, humanity is actively fighting for the environment, pursuing a policy of reducing consumed resources, work is underway to completely end all wars, every year the standard of living and its average duration is constantly growing. At first glance, everything is really fine, but not everything is so cloudless. We poison our organisms every day, and we are talking about colossal numbers: according to a recent study, we consume about 4 liters of pesticides a year, supplementing them with 5 kilograms of preservatives and various additives, as well as about 2 kilograms of harmful substances that enter our body through the lungs during breathing. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of this load on the body, but it is quite possible to try to minimize harm and help it get rid of all these incoming substances faster. And it is necessary to start detoxification, of course, by trying to reduce the consumption of harmful toxins. Cigarettes, alcohol, and sweets (excessive consumption of them) will certainly be the first on the list to be locked up. Just think about whether it is worth spoiling your health and body because of the alleged short-term pleasure. Cigarettes harm not only internal organs, but also deprive the skin of its elastic properties, destroy tooth enamel, and also worsen the condition of your hair and nails. Alcohol also contributes to the deterioration of all processes in the body, and disrupts the water balance of

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our body. In addition to cigarettes, alcohol and excessive amounts of sweets, try to give up a lot of coffee, and completely eliminate soda, fast food and products of clearly chemical origin from your diet. The next important step in detoxifying your body is diet. Don’t be scared right away – we are talking about periodic “unloading” days. During them, completely give up sweet, baked, caffeine, meat, as well as products that have undergone serious processing. We recommend steamed vegetables, unsweetened kefir and fruits. Do not forget to remove the peel from the latter – it is in it that there is a large amount of toxic substances. Fiber foods are also great for cleansing your body, so cereals and legumes are ideal choices. Avoid eating too much or too quickly, as large chunks of food are less digestible and can leave rotting in the intestines. It is recommended to eat a little, but often. Drink plenty of fluids – a lot of water is needed to flush out all the “dirt”. Herbal teas and tea with ginger and lemon are also perfect – they perfectly promote the activation of the liver, and have good diuretic properties, thereby helping to remove unnecessary harmful substances from the body. Some folk remedies are also great for detoxifying the body – for example, a bath. A large amount of toxins are eliminated through the pores on the skin along with sweat, so we recommend that you steam a little once a month. As a result, try to keep track of what you eat, as well as cleanliness, not only inside yourself, but also outside: clean your home more often, as this contributes to cleaner air.

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