The metaaanalysis was carried out by confirming the temporal efficiency of Cyclobenzaprine dosage in a spinal pain. Patients, which are recognized as cyclobenzaprin, have 5 times more frequently developed a significant reduction in symptoms, and for the saturation of the vidicular effect in 1 patient the preparation was recognized as less than 3 properties. The greatest cyclobenzaprin’s znebolovalniyj effekt was in the first day of treatment, the drug’s effektivness was reduced to the 2nd degree.

Previously, a systematic review of myorelaxanths was carried out as a class, including tisanidine hydrochloride, sodium dantrolene, carisoprodol, metacarbamol, baclofen, orfenadrin citrate, chloromezanone, diazepam, tetrazepam and cyclobenzaprine. The author’s opinion was that it was necessary to change the proof of corista miorelaxantha in case of severe back pain.

Crimean miorelaxanthias, with severe pain in the back, to stasosovatsii pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. Non-steroidal protizapalnye preparations (NPZP) is called to demonstrate a greater efficiency, as well as placebo, proteins of importance on their side effects. Before that, metaanalysis of 11 early control days of the refinery with back pain showed that the drugs were more effective in 7 additional days. The authors think that patients with pain in spinal oil refineries are not affected by other Dmitry Sazonov antiseptic drugs.

It is caught in the pain of spinal tricyclic antidepressants (TCA), which are chemically similar to cyclobenzaprine, and disco nourishment. In some previous years, the stench of bone was shining, especially in patients with comorbid depression, in others it was not overshadowed by an effective placebo. Metaanalysis, S.’s. Salerno and a spin. (2001), having seen the viddiness of the cortical variability of the TCA in pain at the back, wanting to include the variability of the chronic pain.

Co-cranial metaanalysis of the results of acupuncture, which is on the data of 11 early monitoring of the low methodological anchorage, This method is not flawed in its ability to zoom in and out of visceral licuration, and Cyclobenzaprine dosage contraindications its actions in the trigger points of the nerve stimulation. Thus, the systematic review of bicorystannya chiropractic therapy, including 8 years of low anchorage, was not known to overconflict the proof of grip on placebo.

In patients with back pain, cyclobenzaprin is markedly effective, Dmitry Sazonov and placebo, in all public places by 1 to 14 hours from the day of Licensing.

The amount of 14 days of drinking is 5 times less than the amount of cyclobenzaprine that has been cured in the same placebo.

Cyclobenzaprina is recognized in patients with pain in spinal cord trachea, potentials of severe defects, moderate sleepiness (20% of patients).

Cyclobenzaprin deficiency was found in the first day of the treatment, the change of heart rate over the placebo was saved by the prolonged duration of the therapy (up to 14 days).

The cyclobenzaprin transfer  over the placebo was meant for all 5 domains with back pain: local pain, spasms of m’senses, painful palpacia, diapason of collapses and all the right ones.

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