Antibiotics and are drugs that you shouldn’t prescribe to yourself.

❗️ It’s not for nothing that now they are sold only according to recipes. Incorrect or uncontrolled intake of drugs always leads to dangerous consequences!

✅ Here are the basic rules for taking antibiotics that everyone, without exception, needs to adhere to:

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⛔Antibiotics are effective only against bacteria, so it makes no sense to treat viral diseases with them, for example, ARVI or influenza.

⚠The effect of antibiotics and is assessed within the first 72 hours after starting the drug. The main reference point is the dynamics of body temperature and general well-being.

⛔Take antibiotics only strictly as prescribed by your doctor. When initiating a course of antibiotic therapy, the drug must be drunk completely, in no case interrupting it half way, even if all the symptoms have already disappeared!

⚠Always take the drug as directed by your doctor. Do not change the reception mode yourself!

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