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Zeno For Acne

There is a nifty little hand-held gadget called Zeno for acne treatment that is gaining popularity.

Zeno is hailed as "the most scientifically advanced and effective medical device for acne available without a prescription" today. It has gained credibility with an approval from the FDA as an effective acne treatment and is available only through authorized physicians and skin care specialists.

The customer reviews and testimonials for this adult acne treatment are not consistent. Some people claim Zeno to be an amazing device, others claim that it is a total was of money.

What Zeno is, is a small device with disposable tips through which heat is generated. What Zeno does is deliver this heat to the source of the developing pimple causing the bacteria within the plugged pore to self-destruct. By destroying the acne causing bacteria, the development of the pimple is stopped.

It takes a developing pimple approximately two weeks to appear on the skin surface. Zeno is not recommended for use on open blemishes therefore treatments should begin as soon as you 'feel' a pimple starting. This method requires treatment of individual pimples for 2 1/2 minutes two or three times a day for quick results. This can be time consuming for anything more than an occasional blemish.

The Zeno acne clearing device is not cheap. It costs $225.00 and refunds are not granted easily should you find that it does not work for you. The Zeno tips are not cheap either. One tip lasts for between 68 and 90 treatments and that one tip costs $35.00 to replace.

Zeno for acne in the mild to moderate range has been proven effective. If you are considering this product, you can buy it online but do your homework first. You may want to review the product on a site like the This reputable online pharmacy has been in business since 1998. Their prices are very competitive and they list the consumer reviews for each product which can be extremely helpful.

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