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Treatments For Acne

Treatments for acne vary depending on the type and severity of each case. Options range from over-the-counter topicals, to prescription drugs to physical treatments.

Although acne is a relatively benign skin condition, depending on the severity, it can lead to scarring and psychological problems for people who suffer from it. One of the biggest myths associated with acne is that it is caused by poor hygiene. Nothing could be further from the truth! Still, the myth continues causing embarrassment for those who suffer from it.

Mild cases of acne can often be treated successfully with an non-prescription medications purchased at the local pharmacy. For more severe cases, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor. Treatments under these conditions may consist of a healthy diet and recommended prescription drugs. These drugs may be oral or topical.

In the most severe of cases, a dermatologist may suggest such physical treatments as exfoliation, extraction, drainage or light therapy.

Acne is a very personal condition. No two cases are alike therefore the treatments for acne vary depending on the individual and the severity. At the first sign of a skin disorder, it is always wise to see your doctor. There is no need to hide or be embarrassed if you suffer from acne. There are many treatments available today to help you clear up your skin.

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