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Baby Acne

Baby acne usually manifests itself in newborns as tiny red bumps or whiteheads on their nose, cheeks and forehead. This condition is very common and not something to become alarmed about.

This is fleeting evidence of the connection between mother and child. Hormones passed on to the baby before birth through the placenta and after birth through breast feeding have over-stimulated the baby's oil glands clogging the pores.

No medical intervention is usually required to clear up baby acne. Simply wash the baby's face with mild soap and warm water. Spit-up and drool can make acne appear worse so try to keep these areas clean and dry. Do not apply creams or oils as these will only further irritate baby's skin.

This skin condition may come and go in newborns but normally will disappear for good within four to six month. Your pediatrician can help alleviate any concerns you may have about your baby's skin condition during your regular visits.

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