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Adult Acne

What 'triggers' and outbreak of adult acne is more difficult to pinpoint than it is in babies and teenagers. However, the cause, regardless of age is still over-active oil glands known as sebaceous glands.

Just as with babies and teenagers, these glands, attached to the hair follicles, become clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells causing pimples.

Changes in hormonal balance are attributed to the onset of adult acne. Such hormonal changes can occur at various stages in life such as pregnancy and menopause.

At times, a similar skin condition known as folliculitis can be mistaken for adult acne. Since the treatment is different, a proper diagnosis of your skin condition is very important.

Adult acne may be difficult to treat because it is harder to identify what triggers it. Anyone experiencing acne for the first time as an adult should consult with a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment advice.

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